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The Online Catalog allows searching and browsing of information about the Florida State Archives’ holdings of over 48,000 cubic feet of state and local government records and historical manuscripts. The catalog provides descriptions of over 3,400 collections and lists the contents of containers and folders in many of those collections. For assistance with accessing and using State Archives collections, call our Reference Staff at 850.245.6719 or email us at

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[000155]Dept. of State, Division of Historical Resources record group.:
-----------------...[000155/.S 1692]Drawings, plans, maps, and cli
----------------------------------...[000155/.S 1692-00003.00003]North Addition Including Subdivisions 11 - 17, and Part of 3
----------------------------------...[000155/.S 1692-00003.00004]"Plan of the City of Tallahassee and Its Additions" H.S. Duvall 1867
----------------------------------...[000155/.S 1692-00003.00005]Section 36 Township 1 North Range 1 West (Downtown Tallahassee)
----------------------------------...[000155/.S 1692-00003.00006]Section 36 Township 1 North Range 1 East
----------------------------------...[000155/.S 1692-00003.00007]Section 36 Township 1 North Range 1 West bounded: N - Brevard St.; S - Park Ave.; W - Boulevard St.; E - Meridian Rd.
----------------------------------...[000155/.S 1692-00003.00008]Section 36 Township 1 North Range 1 West - Old Plan
----------------------------------...[000155/.S 1692-00003.00009]Section 36 Township 1 North Range 1 West bounded: N - Brevard St.; S - Railroad track; W - Dewy St.; E - Leon High School
----------------------------------...[000155/.S 1692-00003.00010]Section 30 Township 1 North Range 1 East bounded: N - Glenview St.; S - Brevard St.; W - Meridian Rd.; E - Brookwood St.
----------------------------------...[000155/.S 1692-00003.00011]Section 31 Township 1 North Range 1 East bounded: N - Brevard St.; S - Carlton St.; W - Meridian Rd.; E - Magnolia Dr.
----------------------------------...[000155/.S 1692-00003.00012]Tallahassee - Leon Planning Department Map 5/15/77
----------------------------------...[000155/.S 1692-00003.00013]View of Tallahassee 1885 (Print)
----------------------------------...[000155/.S 1692-00003.00014]Section 25 Township 1 North Range 1 West bounded: N - Tharpe St.; S - Brevard St.; W - Dewy St.; E - Meridian Rd.
----------------------------------...[000155/.S 1692-00003.00015]Section 6 Township 1 South Range 1 East bounded: N - Bloxham Ave.; S - Magnolia Dr.; W - Meridian Rd.; E - Magnolia Dr.
----------------------------------...[000155/.S 1692-00003.00016]"Capitol Center Survey" - Inventory of Historic Sites
----------------------------------...[000155/.S 1692-00003.00017]"Plan of City of Tallahassee" (19th century, print from microfilm)
----------------------------------...[000155/.S 1692-00003.00018]Map of Tallahassee, North of Call St., Prepared for the Chamber of Commerce, 7/1/40
----------------------------------...[000155/.S 1692-00003.00019]Map of Tallahassee Showing Successive Annexations, 1919 - 1996
----------------------------------...[000155/.S 1692-00003.00020]Original Owners of Lots in Tallahassee's Old Plan
----------------------------------...[000155/.S 1692-00003.00021]Aerial Photograph of Area bounded: N - St. Augustine/Lafayette Sts.; S - N/A; W - Duval St.; E - Meyers Park
----------------------------------...[000155/.S 1692-00003.00022]Capitol Center June 1970
----------------------------------...[000155/.S 1692-00003.00023]Tallahassee Environs circa 1970/1980
----------------------------------...[000155/.S 1692-00003.00024]Original Owners of Lots in Northern Addition
----------------------------------...[000155/.S 1692-00003.00025]1930 Map of Tallahassee with Index to Subdivisions
----------------------------------...[000155/.S 1692-00003.00026]Topographical Map of Tallahasse with Schools, Churches, etc. , circa 1970
----------------------------------...[000155/.S 1692-00003.00027]Historic Tallahassee Preservation Board Maps: 1) Downtown District Plan, 2) Tallahassee Historic District Plan
----------------------------------...[000155/.S 1692-00003.00028]Block Bounded: N - Jefferson St.; S - Pensacola St.; W - Adams St.; E - Monroe St.
----------------------------------...[000155/.S 1692-00003.00029]Sketch of East Lafayette St. & Vicinity 3/1945
----------------------------------...[000155/.S 1692-00003.00030]"Plan of Tallahassee, May 28, 1840 Charles Hutchinson"
----------------------------------...[000155/.S 1692-00003.00031]Diagram of Intersection of the Meridian and Base Lines in Tallahassee April 19, 1992
----------------------------------...[000155/.S 1692-00003.00032]Map "Capitol Center Ownership" no date

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