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The Online Catalog allows searching and browsing of information about the Florida State Archives’ holdings of over 48,000 cubic feet of state and local government records and historical manuscripts. The catalog provides descriptions of over 3,400 collections and lists the contents of containers and folders in many of those collections. For assistance with accessing and using State Archives collections, call our Reference Staff at 850.245.6719 or email us at

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[000158]Florida Folklife Program record group.:
-----------------...[000158/.S 1576]Audio recordings of Florida Folk Festival performances and other folk events,:
----------------------------------[000158/.S 1576-B0026]C-89-25 to C-90-19
----------------------------------[000158/.S 1576-B0027]C-90-20 to C-90-54
----------------------------------[000158/.S 1576-B0028]C-90-55 to C-92-1
----------------------------------[000158/.S 1576-B0029]C-92-2 to C-92-35
----------------------------------[000158/.S 1576-B0030]C-92-36 to C-93-30
----------------------------------[000158/.S 1576-B0031]C-93-31 to C-94-15
----------------------------------[000158/.S 1576-B0032]C-94-16 to C-94-49
----------------------------------[000158/.S 1576-B0033]C-94-50 to C-94-83
----------------------------------[000158/.S 1576-B0034]C-94-84 to C-95-103
----------------------------------[000158/.S 1576-B0035]C-95-104 to C-95-137
----------------------------------[000158/.S 1576-B0036]C-95-138 to C-95-171
----------------------------------[000158/.S 1576-B0037]C-95-172 and Radio Shows: The Folk Show, 1987-1988, FS-1 to FS-20 Florida Home Radio Show (12 tapes)
----------------------------------[000158/.S 1576-B0038]Projects and Slide-Tape Programs: Eatonville Oral History (6 tapes) Folk Festival Policy Workshops, 1982 (8 tapes) Teacher Seminars, 1987 (10
----------------------------------[000158/.S 1576-B0039]Slide Tape Programs and Miscellaneous: Palmetto and Sweetgrass: Seminole Basketry Traditions - Slide-Tape Program (8 tapes) Seminole Dol
----------------------------------[000158/.S 1576-B0040]Miscellaneous Folk Recordings
----------------------------------[000158/.S 1576-B0041]Miscellaneous Listening Copies (copies of reel-to-reel tapes)
----------------------------------[000158/.S 1576-B0042]DIGITAL AUDIO TAPES -- D-91-1 to D-93-14
----------------------------------[000158/.S 1576-B0043]D-93-15 to D-94-29
----------------------------------[000158/.S 1576-B0044]D-94-30 to D-95-41
----------------------------------[000158/.S 1576-B0045]D-95-42 to D-95-50
----------------------------------[000158/.S 1576-B0046]CASSETTES -- FLN-1 to FLN-34 (1995)
----------------------------------[000158/.S 1576-B0047]III-1 to III-34 (1995)
----------------------------------[000158/.S 1576-B0048]III-35 to III-42 (1995)
----------------------------------[000158/.S 1576-B0049]"Na Mele Paniolo: Songs of Hawaiian Cowboys" (copy a)
----------------------------------[000158/.S 1576-B0050]"Na Mele Paniolo: Songs of Hawaiian Cowboys" (copy b)
----------------------------------[000158/.S 1576-B0051]Miscellaneous Listening Copies (copies of reel-to-reel tapes) and Other Folk Recordings
----------------------------------[000158/.S 1576-B0052]COMPACT DISKS -- CD-T-76-1 to CD-T-77-57 Not recorded: T-76-5 to T-76-6 T-77-39 to T-77-55
----------------------------------[000158/.S 1576-B0053]CD-T-77-58 to CD-T-77-88
----------------------------------[000158/.S 1576-B0054]CD-T-77-89 to CD-T-77-106
----------------------------------[000158/.S 1576-B0055]CD-T-77-107 to CD-T-77-137

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