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The Online Catalog allows searching and browsing of information about the Florida State Archives’ holdings of over 48,000 cubic feet of state and local government records and historical manuscripts. The catalog provides descriptions of over 3,400 collections and lists the contents of containers and folders in many of those collections. For assistance with accessing and using State Archives collections, call our Reference Staff at 850.245.6719 or email us at

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[001100]Supreme Court record group.:
-----------------...[001100/.S 1096]Opinions,:
----------------------------------[001100/.S 1096-00001]Case Nos. 10000-10163, 1934-1935
----------------------------------...[001100/.S 1096-00001.00001]10000: Suzanne Pierson v. Nathan D. Bill, 1934
----------------------------------...[001100/.S 1096-00001.00002]10001: D. W. Haley v. L. M. Haley, et ux., 1935
----------------------------------...[001100/.S 1096-00001.00003]10002: Wilson Cypress Company v. George J. Dykes, clerk of Lake County Circuit Court, and G. M. St. John, 1934
----------------------------------...[001100/.S 1096-00001.00004]10003: American Agricultural Utilities Corporation v. J. F. Williams, 1935
----------------------------------...[001100/.S 1096-00001.00005]10007: R. G. Tittsworth, Tampa Chief of Police v. Claire Akin, 1935
----------------------------------...[001100/.S 1096-00001.00006]10028: Herbert C. Harper v. Lula Harper, 1935
----------------------------------...[001100/.S 1096-00001.00007]10031: United Liquors Importers and Distributors, Inc. v. State of Florida, 1934
----------------------------------...[001100/.S 1096-00001.00008]10055: H. G. Henley and David Arbuckle, as Henley & Arbuckle, v. Evelyn Guthrie and J. W. Guthrie, 1935
----------------------------------...[001100/.S 1096-00001.00009]10056: Modree Hamby and Lula Beard v. C. C. Bush and Herbert Wichtendahl, 1935
----------------------------------...[001100/.S 1096-00001.00010]10063: Florida Bank and Trust Co. of West Palm Beach v. Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, 1935
----------------------------------...[001100/.S 1096-00001.00011]10090: Herbert Gray v. State of Florida, 1935
----------------------------------...[001100/.S 1096-00001.00012]10091: Anna Stanley v. Burns Realty Company and Alice A. Burns, 1935
----------------------------------...[001100/.S 1096-00001.00013]10094: Joseph S. White, as successor trustee, v. Florida Bank and Trust Co. of West Palm Beach and Southern Developers, Inc., 1935
----------------------------------...[001100/.S 1096-00001.00014]10098: H. H. Nye, et al., v. Marion A. Whitehead, et al., 1934
----------------------------------...[001100/.S 1096-00001.00015]10096: Theodore Phalon v. William H. Baskin, Jr., et al., 1935
----------------------------------...[001100/.S 1096-00001.00016]10101: Continental Properties, Inc. v. Central Farmers' Trust Company, et al., 1935
----------------------------------...[001100/.S 1096-00001.00017]10099: Florida Power & Light Company v. Girard Trust Company, as Trustee under the Last Will and Testament of Charles I. Cragin, dec
----------------------------------...[001100/.S 1096-00001.00018]10125: Lena A. George, widow, v. John E. Yeats, 1935
----------------------------------...[001100/.S 1096-00001.00019]10128: American National Bank of Winter Haven v. Elizabeth Leps, widow, et al., 1935
----------------------------------...[001100/.S 1096-00001.00020]10134: State of Florida ex rel, F. E. Brown v. Dave Sholtz, Governor; J. M. Lee, Comptroller; and W. V. Knott, State Treasurer, 1935
----------------------------------...[001100/.S 1096-00001.00021]10158: Joseph S. White v. F. B. Palbicke, et al., 1934
----------------------------------...[001100/.S 1096-00001.00022]10161: State of Florida ex rel, Sovereign Camp Woodmen of the World v. David Sholtz, J. M. Lee, and W. V. Knott, 1935
----------------------------------...[001100/.S 1096-00001.00023]10162: Standard Accident Insurance Company and Aetna Casualty & Surety Company v. Royal Indemnity Company, et al., 1935
----------------------------------...[001100/.S 1096-00001.00024]10163: Lake Eloise Groves, Inc., et al., v. W. J. Touchton and H. C. Crittenden, as Touchton & Creittenden, and Solon Mitchell, 1935
----------------------------------[001100/.S 1096-00002]Case Nos. 10181-10252, 1932-1935
----------------------------------...[001100/.S 1096-00002.00001]10181: R. W. Holding Corporation v. Marion Mortgage Company and J. H. Therrell, 1932
----------------------------------...[001100/.S 1096-00002.00002]10204: Mabel A. Kissick and J. W. Kissick v. Frankie A. Fleming, et al., 1935
----------------------------------...[001100/.S 1096-00002.00003]10205: Cheney Development Corporation, et al. v. Star Finance Company, 1935

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